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Block printing for Printed Saree

When you look at some of the beautiful and elegant prints on a traditional Indian saree, you must have wondered as to how is it possible to get such beautiful and abstract designs on the saree without any sign of color spreading and the fineness of the printed details.

These intricate designs, you look at a saree are not painted with a brush or printed with a machine; They are printed on the saree using carved wooden blocks dipped in natural ink. Considered to have its originated in Rajasthan. This unique Indian printing process is now used in many clothing applications, but nothing matches the elegance of a Printed Saree. Block printing is an art that has redefined the concept of beautiful impressions and made miniature representation a distinct reality. Favorite patterns such as flowers, patterns, buta, beautiful, geometric shapes, floral patterns, and Kalga can only be transferred to a collection by hand. In order to guarantee the uniformity of the patterns, the wooden blocks with handles are immersed in the natural dye and then applied to the saree fabric, and the slightest blow is removed before the block.

Block printing occupies a distinct place in Indian fashion and tradition. This unique art form has been preserved and developed over the centuries and has evolved from a form of raw print to one of the world's most exquisite design techniques.

Block printed sarees art has its origins in Rajasthan but has now spread to many states of India, each state has its own designs and motifs. Although the designs and patterns may differ from one state to another, the technique of hand block print remains the same that is, experienced hands of expert craftsmen using blocks of wood and a natural mixture of dyes to give uniform patterns to the silk cotton saree. Gujarat, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh are some of the other states where block printing is widespread.
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