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Chanderi sarees

With millions of hearts stolen around the world, a small town becomes the famous part of the country. The historic importance of Chanderi town and Chanderi sarees are well known in Ashok Nagar district of Madhya Pradesh. It is said that ancient texts are known as the famous binding center of Madhya Pradesh, between the 7th and second century BC, but in the 11th century, it has become one of India's most important trade routes, Because it forms the shape of ancient ports.
It comes in many more varities and in different forms called chanderi silk saree, chanderi fabrics, chanderi cotton sarees, chanderi handloom sarees and printed silk sarees.

Making process:
Chanderi woven craftsman is practicing families for generations, he has created a long-lasting cause of despair and experienced, whose art cannot be converted by the version of the power, and therefore, his magnificent Ability to respect. Chanderi is one of the talented ornaments of Indian textile industry and it is not surprising that it has a special place in our hearts. In fact,Unique chanderi sarees were hand-woven with cotton yarn, which was fine as 300, used to make famous clothes. Lightweight yet strong, this cloth is very much shiny.

Due to chanderi silk saree transparency and the wide structure of the fabric, it is known as 'woven wind', the fabric laid on the basis of their lightweight and shiny structure, which is more and more different and unique. All use high quality and extra fine yarn for this, which is used to become a fabric. The use of knit thread knit fabric is not used by reducing the reduction process. The use of other unique factors, turns, lots, coins, heavenly shapes, geometric patterns, artistic communication lines and animal data form, which provides its unique glow and structure.

Chanderi suits and dress material :
Like sarees,chanderi suits are also very popular. In chanderi suits also have categories like Traditional suits, printed suits.



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