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Chanderi Sarees

With millions of hearts stolen around the world, a small town becomes a famous part of the country. Chanderi Sarees are from the 12th and 13th centuries and come from the city of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, India. Initially, Chanderi silks were used in weaving Khilats. The material was so expensive. The silk presented its beauty with its softness, transparency, and fringes embroidered with a heavy golden thread.

The process of weaving a Unique Chanderi Saree has been practiced over many generations. It has created a long lineage of skilled weavers who cannot be replaced. Being one of the jewels of India’s textile industry it holds a special place in every wearer’s collection. Originally, the fabric is woven with hand-spun cotton yarn which can be up to 300 counts. It is light yet strong. Warp and weft are carried out to produce this piece of art. The thread count in the warp process can range from 4,000 to 17,000 depending upon the quality required.

The Butis motifs on the handloom were made with different types of needles and are coated with gold, silver or copper dust. The weaving of the sarees is a very tedious process and two weavers must sit next to the same loom. The yarn used for weaving has hitherto only been dyed with natural dyes, but today both chemical and natural dyes have been used. The entire process can take more than 3 days, sometimes more depending on the complexity.

These sarees are known for their transparency and sheer texture and are characterized by their light and shiny texture. Chanderi's offerings include motifs such as gold coins, churi, Bundi, Keri, Phul-Patti, and many others. These handwoven motifs on extra shots distinguish the Chanderi from his original silks. Chanderi Silk Cotton Sarees and Pure Silk Sarees can be bought roughly around Rs. 5,000 and the price rises quickly, depending on the complexity of the design. A special feature of Chanderi silks is that a handwoven Chanderi always has an uneven surface and is available in soft tones.

Chanderi, a standard customary material honorable by its thin and light, surface and fine rich feel is made by weaving in silk and brilliant zari in the conventional cotton yarn that results in the arrangement of the flickering surface. In addition, the material had taken its name from the residential area Chanderi in Ashoknagar District of the province of Madhya Pradesh in India, where customary weavers work the craft of assembling finished sarees and Chanderi Suits in silk and cotton adorned with thin zari work.

Due to Chanderi Silk Sarees transparency and the wide structure of the fabric, it is known as 'woven wind', the fabric laid on the basis of their lightweight and shiny structure, which is more and more different and unique. All use high quality and extra fine yarn for this, which is used to become a fabric. The use of knit thread knit fabric is not used by reducing the reduction process. The use of other unique factors, turns, lots, coins, heavenly shapes, geometric patterns, artistic communication lines, and animal data form, which provides its unique glow and structure. 


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