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Return and change
Refunds and changes are classified into the following categories: return and change principles apply regardless of the cause.

1. You get a product that does not meet your expectations, we offer a generous 7-day return policy.  7 days after the end of the period, all purchases are the ultimate returns will be accepted and no product. Now we only return damage and wrong product.

2.Items currently on the way to liberation and delivery address still shows as being, it "item not received" can be understood as the following conditions:
Delivery is delayed for more than 30 days has to be updated.
Goods such a long period of time for more than 30 days shipping company or a logistics facility are held in place.
Please do the following steps to return and change:
1. Return your order to send us an email with details on As fast as possible will take action in your case.
2. Make sure the product is in its original packaging.
3. Customers believe that the products are insured against loss should ensure that. In such a case the defective product we will not be able to receive any refunds
102 Chheda Anand pooja Nagar Mira road Maharashtra, India to send products.
All return costs and fees will be borne by the customer.

Quantity shortage:
A command statement is less than the amount received, refund will be issued Resolution Center to determine whether a bill or review material weight certification.